Make Your Child's Visit from Santa Special with These Wonderful, Whimsical Santa Letters and Christmas Certificates - Available for Instant Download, Customization, and Printing for This Year's Christmas Visit!

Dear Parent,

Are you one of those people who go the extra mile to make a visit from the Santa Claus as special for your child as possible? Do you go out of your way to put a spark in the eyes of the children you love during the warmth and love of the Christmas season?

My wife and I have been there, done that. We have two small children who are in the middle of their "Santa Claus ." And we've found that a special letter from Santa is a great way to keep the magic of the season alive in our children for as long as possible.

Bring the Magic of Christmas to Life!

Look, I know how tough it is to raise a child today. I have two great kids, and I worry about keeping them as innocent and full of wonder as long as I possibly can. That's why my wife and I - just like you - try to make each and every day as special as possible.

One of the things we like to do is to really go all out for special events. And, ever since I was a kid, Christmas has been right near the top of the list. A little magic goes a long way towards making your child believe in Santa Claus. That's how was born.

Here at, we offer some great Santa Letters and Christmas Certificates that you can download and customize for this year's visit from Santa. These Santa Letters and Certificates are a wonderful way to make your child feel the magic of the Christas season .

The letters from Santa are available in Adobe Acrobat format, and if you install the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader software (I show you how on your product download page) you will be able to use the letters easily. The Tooth Fairy certificates are available in both Microsoft Word and the free OpenOffice formats - you get both versions for one low price.

The Christmas Super Bonus Package

The Christmas Super Bonus Package offers a great value - and unbelievable choice - for your child's visit from Santa. Available for immediate download, the Christmas Super Bonus Package contains the following...

  • 100+ Letters from Santa -- Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format

  • 10 Premium Christmas Certificates -- Microsoft Word (.doc) format and OpenOffice (.odt) format

With the Christmas Super Bonus Package, your child will be thrilled with his or her visit from Santa this year. Here's a complete description of everything in the package.


Christmas Super Bonus Package

Take advantage of the Christmas Super Bonus Package for only $17 -that's a savings of $41 (total price of all items individually is $58) or more than 70%! I'm practically giving these quality letters and certificates away!

When you order the Christmas Super Bonus Package, you will receive the following for immediate download:


50+ Letters From Santa and
50+ More Letters From Santa

These two ebooks give you over 100 great letters you can customize in your favorite word processing software for that special visit from Santa. Includes letters in these categories:

  • You've Been Great This Year
  • Treats for Santa
  • Santa in a Bit of Trouble
  • Letters from Mrs. Claus
  • What Great Decorations!
  • News from the North Pole
  • Letters from the Reindeer
  • Winter Fun
  • The Busiest Time of Year
  • Letters From the Elves
  • I'm Sorry, But I Couldn't Give You...
  • Don't Worry
  • Looking Forward to My Visit
  • Sitting on Santa's Lap
  • The Season of Giving
  • What Santa Will Do After Christmas

No matter what your child's personality, you'll find a great letter you can make your own in this instantly downloadable ebook.

Click Here for a Sample Santa Letter

Premium Christmas Certificates

These certificates were custom-designed exclusively for by a well-respected artist from California.

To see a sample of the certificate, just click on the image and a new window will open (requires Javascript for pop-up).

Click the Image
for Larger View


(Insert Name)
For Christmas 2004,
you were at the
very top of the Nice List.
Keep up the good work !
Signed: Santa Claus


Click the Image
for Larger View

Christmas Spirit Award

For having the most Christmas Spirit for Christmas 2004
(insert name)
is given this certificate of merit.
Thanks to you, the Christmas Magic is
stronger than ever.

Signed: Santa Claus

Click the Image
for Larger View

Christmas Star Award

For help in decorating your house this Christmas, you have been awarded
Santa's "Christmas Star"
for 2004.
With your help you've made your house look especially festive.
Good Work !!
Signed: Santa Claus

Click the Image
for Larger View

Santa's Helper

For everything you've done this year to get ready for Christmas
(insert name)

is Santa's Special Helper
for Christmas of 2004

Click the Image
for Larger View

Honorary Elf

For all of the
you've given your family this year
(insert name)
Has been named
For Christmas 2004
Signed: Santa Claus

Click the Image
for Larger View

Christmas Treat Award

(insert name)
Thank you !!!
for the great snack
of cookies and milk.
They really hit the spot
and I'm fueled
for the rest of my deliveries.
You're the best !
Signed: Santa Claus

Click the Image
for Larger View

Silver and Gold Award

(insert name)
WOW!! What a great job
you did decorating your house.
You're the
Champion Christmas Decorator
for Christmas 2004
Great Job !
Signed: Santa Claus

Click the Image
for Larger View

Best Christmas Tree

For all your ornament hanging
and tinsel draping
(insert name)
is given this
Certificate of Merit
You're ready to decorate the North Pole Christmas Tree here at Santa's Workshop!
Great Job!
Signed: Santa Claus

Click the Image
for Larger View

Greeting from Santa!

(Insert name)
HO, HO, HO!!
You've had a great year, and
I look forward to visiting
you next Christmas.
Enjoy the toys and keep the
Christmas Spirit all year round.
Your Friend,
Santa Claus

Click the Image
for Larger View

Christmas Coal Certificate

Due to environmental regulations,
Santa Claus is no longer able to put
coal in the stockings of those on
the naughty list.
So for Christmas 2004
(insert name)
is given this dubious award.

You're going to have to work
a lot harder to get off
the Naughty List
for Christmas next year
Regretfully, Santa


With over 100 Santa letters and 10 premium Christmas certificates, you'll be sure to find the right combination to thrill your child when they wake up in the morning and find they've been paid a visit by Santa Claus. And, since you will download this package to your computer, you're ready for the next year's visit from Santa as well .

So what would you expect to pay for over 50 professionally-written Santa Letters and 10 beautiful Christmas Certificates - in both Word and OpenOffice document formats? How about only $17... that's a savings of $41 off the price for each of the individual items alone.


In addition, to help you get the most out of your Santa Letters, I've included a brief tutorial on how to copy and paste the text from your Santa Letters PDF file into your favorite word processing software, and how to change the fonts and add clipart to make your letter a work of art. In addition, I've included my Clip Art and Fonts Directory where you can find tons of great clipart and fonts for your letters. Enjoy!

So, you get the 50+ Santa Letters, 10 Christmas Certificates, the tutorial on how to customize your letters, and the Clip Art and Fonts Directory, all for the low price of only $17.

You can't lose with our 100%,
ironclad, moneyback guarantee

Your satisfaction is assured through our no risk, you-can't-lose, 100%, no-questions-asked, iron-clad moneyback guarantee. If for any reason, you aren't thrilled and satisfied with your Santa Letter or Christmas Certificate purchase, just contact us within 56 days (that's a full 8 weeks) and we'll refund 100% of your purchase price. No hard feelings.

So, if you want to put an extra spark into this Christmas for that special boy or girl in your life, order your Santa Letters or Christmas Certificates today! You can download the files and make this year's visit from Santa Claus a very special event!

Best regards ,

Chuck Smith
Parent and Owner

P.S. Remember that all of the Santa Letters and Christmas Certificates are available for immediate download. Make tonight's visit from Santa extra special for your child. Order the Christmas Super Bonus Package now!


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